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  • Sate Ayam

    Sate of chicken with delicious peanut sauce.(4 pcs)

    RP 45.000
  • Sate Sapi

    Sate of beef with a sweet spicy soy sauce.(4 pcs)

    RP 55.000
  • Lumpia Semarang

    Spring roll with vegetables and meat, also vegetarian.(4 pcs)

    RP 40.000
  • Tempeh Goreng

    Fried soy dish with sweet soy sauce.

    RP 35.000
  • Sambal Telor

    Cooked and fried egg in spicy tomato sambal sauce.

    RP 35.000
  • Krupuk Oedang

    Crisps of shrimps fried.

    RP 15.000
  • Frikadel Djagung

    Deep-fried cookies made from corn and various vegetables.

    RP 30.000