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What Are We Eating?

The restaurant is only available for our house guests.

    • Breakfast

      All the items are served with coffee/tea, juice of the season and seasonal fruit

    • Nasi Goreng

      Nasi Goreng

      Rp. 40,000

      Fried rice with fried egg, krupuk, sambal and pickles

    • Mie Goreng

      Mie Goreng

      Rp. 40,000

      Fried noodles with fried egg, krupuk, sambal and pickles

    • 2 Fried Eggs

      2 Fried Eggs

      Rp. 42,000

      Sunny side up 2 fried eggs with toast

    • Cooked Egg

      Cooked Egg

      Rp. 42,000

      Cooked egg with toast and marmalade

    • Scrambled Eggs

      Scrambled Eggs

      Rp. 45,000

      3 Scrambled eggs with toast

    • Omelet


      Rp. 45,000

      3 Egg omelet with toast

    • Granola Yohurt

      Granola Yohurt

      Rp. 45,000

      Creamy yohurt with crunchy granola and daily fruit.

    • French Breakfast

      French Breakfast

      Rp. 40,000

      Croissant and toast, 2 marmelades, butter, fresh fruit, juice

    • Dutch Breakfast

      Dutch Breakfast

      Rp. 40,000

      Bun with toast, 2 marmelades, butter, fresh fruit and juice

    • Pancakes


      Rp. 41,000

      Pancakes with sweet sirop

    • Main course

      All the item are served with white rice (except Mie Goreng and Nasi Goreng), acar, seroendeng, krupuk and sambal

    • Nasi Goreng Special

      Nasi Goreng Special

      Rp. 85,000

      Fried rice with fried chicken, fried egg, krupuk, satay sapi, acar and sambal

    • Mie Goreng Special

      Mie Goreng Special

      Rp. 85,000

      Fried mie with fried chicken, satay sapi, fried egg, pickles, sambal, krupuk

    • Daging Rendang, Sayur Lodeh

      Daging Rendang, Sayur Lodeh

      Rp. 115.000

      Spicy beef with assorted vegetables in coconut sauce.

    • Daging Smoor, Sambal Goreng Buncis

      Daging Smoor, Sambal Goreng Buncis

      Rp. 115,000

      Braised beef meat with spicy sambal beans in coconut.

    • Foe Yong Hai

      Foe Yong Hai

      Rp. 75,000

      Egg omelet with vegetables and sweet sour tomato sauce (vegetarian)

    • Ayam Kecap, Sambal Goreng Buncis

      Ayam Kecap, Sambal Goreng Buncis

      Rp. 90,000

      Sweet chicken in ketjap sauce with spicy beans in sambal goreng sauce

    • Ayam Taliwang, Sayur Lodeh

      Ayam Taliwang, Sayur Lodeh

      Rp. 90,000

      Typical Lombok style fried spicy chicken with assorted vegetables in coconut sauce

    • Ikan Bali, Tumis Kangkung

      Ikan Bali, Tumis Kangkung

      Rp. 95,000

      Catch of the day grilled fish with typical Bali sauce and spinach dish from the "wok"

    • Drinks

      Drinks are available form the minibar in your room or at the restaurant. Other drinks on request.

    • Coca Cola

      Rp. 15,000
    • Diet Coca Cola

      Rp. 15,000
    • Sprite

      Rp. 15,000
    • Tonic Water

      Rp. 15,000
    • Soda Water

      Rp. 15,000
    • Ginger Ale

      Rp. 15,000
    • Juices (Papaya, Orange, Lime, Melon, Pineapple)

      Rp. 20,000
    • Starters

    • Soto Ayam

      Soto Ayam

      Rp. 45,000

      Chicken soup with Indonesian flavours, vegetables and egg

    • Sop Buntut

      Sop Buntut

      Rp. 45,000

      Javanese Oxtail Soup (Sop Buntut) is a comforting soup with oxtails being cooked to the point of almost falling off the bones in aromatic spices and chunky vegetables.

    • Sate Sapi

      Sate Sapi

      Rp. 55,000

      Sate from the beef with spicy ketjap sauce

    • Sate Ayam

      Sate Ayam

      Rp. 50,000

      Sate from the chicken with excellent peanut sauce

    • Lumpia Semarang

      Lumpia Semarang

      Rp. 35,000

      Fried spring rolls with vegetables and chicken served with spicy chili sauce

    • Gado Gado

      Gado Gado

      Rp. 42,500

      Assorted vegetables from the season with special peanut sauce

    • Sambal Goreng Udang

      Sambal Goreng Udang

      Rp. 60,000

      Fried shrimps in a spicy sambal goreng sauce

    • Dessert

    • Roedjak Manis

      Roedjak Manis

      Rp. 35,000

      Delicious fresh fruit in a spicy soya sauce

    • Pisang Goreng

      Pisang Goreng

      Rp. 35,000

      Baked banana in a dough crust with sugar

    • Dadar Belanda

      Dadar Belanda

      Rp. 45,000

      Dadar Belanda is simular to French dish crêpes dish although the condiments used are unique to Indonesia

    • Es Cendol

      Es Cendol

      Rp. 40,000

      One of the famous desserts or drinks in Indonesia is Es Cendol. A mix of coconut milk, palm sugar, ice cream and green jelly of rice flour.

    • Nanas Kecap Manis

      Nanas Kecap Manis

      Rp. 35,000

      Fried fresh pineapple with a sweet soya sauce.

    • Es Campur

      Es Campur

      Rp. 40,000

      Refreshing ice dessert from coconut, sea weed, milk , syrup, jackfruit and many others.

    • Es Blewah

      Es Blewah

      Rp. 40,000

      Indonesian ice cream with melon and syrup

    • Nanas


      Rp. 35,000

      Fresh pineapple

    • Mix fruit

      Mix fruit

      Rp. 35,000

      Different kind of seasonal fruit

    • Snacks

      Snacks are only available on request between 14:00 hours and 17:30 hours

    • Sate Ayam

      Sate Ayam

      Rp. 45,000

      Sate from chicken with delicious peanut sauce (5 pcs)

    • Sate Sapi

      Sate Sapi

      Rp. 55,000

      Sate from beef with a sweet spicy soya sauce (5 pcs)

    • Lumpia Semarang

      Lumpia Semarang

      Rp. 40,000

      Spring roll with vegetables and meat, also vegetarian (4 pcs)

    • Tempeh Goreng

      Tempeh Goreng

      Rp. 35,000

      Fried soya dish with sweet soya sauce.

    • Sambal Goreng Telor

      Sambal Goreng Telor

      Rp. 35,000

      Cooked and fried egg in spicy sambal sauce.

    • Krupuk Oedang

      Krupuk Oedang

      Rp. 15,000

      Fried crips of shrimp

    • Frikadel Djagung

      Frikadel Djagung

      Rp. 30,000

      Deep fried cookies made from corn and various vegetables.