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Who are your hosts at Bale Solah?


Arga is our manager at Bale Solah. He assists you every day with advice and action. With his years of experience at various resorts he knows exactly how to spoil our guests.


Dani is almost always present at Bale Solah during the day. He ensures that your room is in perfect condition every day and Bale Solah continues to shine under the Indonesian sun.


Idham is one of our guards and watches over your and our properties. With his years of experience as a guard, he knows exactly what is happening in the Bale Solah environment.


Hamzah comes from the kampung in the vicinity of Bale Solah. As a security guard at Bale Solah, he contributes to you and our safety. You can also contact him for other questions during your stay.


Heste is our cook and takes care of your breakfast and dinner. She comes original from the beautifull island Gili Gede. She is a young mother and married to Arga and lives at the front of Bale Solah. Selamat Makan!


Trisna is our first class driver for all your tours on the island. Together with Arga he can arrange for you the perfect day trip and brings you secure to the place you want to be. He speaks perfect English and lives in Gunung Sari very close to Bale Solah.