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All our trips are incl. private car, petrol, english spoken guide, entrance fees, cold drinks in the car.

    • What To Do?

    • A Walk Through The Rice Fields With Andy

      A Walk Through The Rice Fields With Andy

      Rp. 300,000 p.p. (max. 6 persons)

      Andy will pick you up in the morning with his car and takes you to his ‘dream’ house. He will tell you about this place and why he build his house on that particular spot. You will enjoy some coffee or tea before the rice field walk wil start.Andy will lead you through his ‘back garden’ where the rice fields will start. Not only can he tell you everything about the growing process of rice, he also knows all about the other plants, herbs and trees you will discover in this entertaining walk. The walk will give you amazing rice field views and lots of interesting information. Andy will lead you through a little river (bring shoes with you that can get wet) and will show you some spots where only locals come and live. At the end of the walk you will be brought back to Andy’s home with a local horse and carriage, the local way of transport. At his home again, the wife of Andy has prepared a nice local meal for you which you will enjoy. After that he will bring you back to the villa. Ask our manager to make reservations for this rice field walk with Andy.

    • Sports Intensive Or Relaxing Massage

      Sports Intensive Or Relaxing Massage

      Rp. 100.000 1 hour p.p.

      If you want to forget your daily worries and feel totally relaxed, you should try a massage at Bale Solah. Our manager can make an appointment for you with Farida, our masseur. Farida learned her traditional massage techniques from her grandmother and uses her traditionally skilled techniques to make your body ‘loosen’ up from daily or working stress and makes your body feel totally relaxed.Just tell her if you have any problems with tense muscles in your neck or back and she will loosen them up.  You can decide yourself if you want a sports intensive massage or a relaxing one and totally enjoy your massage. Ask our manager to arrange an oppointment. Farida will come to Bale Solah and you will have the massage at your room. We’ll provide clean towels and a sarung on your bed.

    • Gili Gede, Gili Layar Snorkling

      Gili Gede, Gili Layar Snorkling

      Rp. 1.200.000 2 pers.
      Every extra pers. up to 6 pers. Rp. 300.000

      This is one of the highlights and a "must do" on the island. You travel with our manager Arga to South-West of Lombok where Arga was born. He will guide you in a private car to the island Gili Gede. In our private boat, with cold drinks on board, you visit the unspoiled island Gili Gede and the snorkelling island Gili Layar. On Gili Layar you still can snorkel from the beach and you will be surprised about the unspoiled nature. Having lunch in one of the quiet restaurants you feel like in paradise. Our self owned snorkelling equipment is for you available. If you want we have new swimming vest at your disposal.

    • Sasak Village and Kuta Beach

      Sasak Village and Kuta Beach

      Rp. 800.000 2 pers.
      Every extra pers. up to 6 pers. Rp. 175.000

      Sasak people are the native inhabitants of Lombok and this tour highlights the best of Sasak culture. We begin by driving to Banyumulek Village to see traditional earthenware pottery being made and from there we travel to a weaving village, Sukarare, to learn how ‘songket’ and textiles with intricate designs are skilfully woven old ‘back-strap’ looms. Heading south, we visit Rambitan to see traditional architecture, old-style housing compounds and Sasak houses with dried water buffalo dung floors. After meeting local people there, we continue on to the south coast area of Kute, famous for its white sand beaches and world-class surfing breaks - there is also a great variety of restaurants and cafes. You can enjoy a refreshing swim in stunning Tanjung AanBay then stop at beautiful Seger Beach to learn the story of the fabled Sasak princess, Mandalika, before heading back to your hotel.

    • Senaru Waterfalls

      Senaru Waterfalls

      Rp. 800.000 2 pers.
      Every extra pers. up to 6 pers. Rp. 175.000

      This is a spectacular and adventurous full day tour to stunning waterfalls in the north. On the way, enjoy amazing coastal and agricultural views, not to mention those of Lombok’s famous volcano, Mt Rinjani and its lush foothills. While we are in Rinjani National Park, we will visit the towering Sendang Gile Waterfall, located 600m above sea level at the base of the volcano. Then, for the adventurous, we will continue our trek, across a fast flowing stream on to the second huge waterfall, Tiou Kelep. After lunch at a restaurant offering incredible views over the valley, we will visit Senaru, a traditional Sasak village, to see and learn about Lombok’s original inhabitants, and then Bayan Beleq Mosque, which is a revered historical Islamic heritage site. We return to Senggigi via the stunning coastal road looking out over the three ‘Gilis’ and spectacular bays.

    • Classic Lombok Roundtrip

      Classic Lombok Roundtrip

      Rp. 800.000 2 pers.
      Every extra pers. up to 6 pers. Rp. 175.000

      We begin by travelling up the west coast to see the fabulous views from Malimbu viewpoint, Nipah and other beautiful beaches which fringe the west coast. We then head inland, uphill through jungle, forest and stunning gorges to Pusuk Pass, with a stop to see monkeys in the Monkey Forest. From there we proceed to historic Suranadi, nestled in the cool foothills above the city. Suranadi is famous for its complex of three temples, built in the 16th century by a Javanese priest, which are the oldest and holiest Hindu temples in Lombok. As we head into town, there are many choices of cuisine available for lunch. Next we head on to see how tahu (tofu) is produced and visit a local high school to learn about traditional Sasak batik. From here, we drive to an area just north of Cakranegara to browse some of Lombok’s famous handicrafts and cultured pearls. On our return journey, we visit PuraBatu Bolong, a Balinese Hindu temple built on an outcrop of black volcanic rock, facing Bali across the Lombok strait.

    • City Tour

      City Tour

      Rp. 700.000 2 pers.
      Every extra pers. up to 6 pers. Rp. 125.000

      This tour highlights some of the sights close to Lombok’s capital city, Mataram. We begin by driving to historical Narmada, built in 1727 as the summer palace of a former Balinese King of Lombok, continue to Mayura Water Palace which was part of the Royal Court of the former Balinese Kingdom in Lombok and then visit PuraMeru, the biggest Hindu temple on Lombok. After exploring colourful Cakra Market in bustling Cakranegara, we have lunch at Padang Asano, which serves delicious food, and then visit the new Islamic Centre in the heart of Mataram. Currently, it is still under construction, but if it is open to the public, we can enjoy tremendous views from its 114m high minaret. Before leaving the capital city, we go and see how tahu (tofu) is produced and visit a local high school to learn about traditional Sasak batik, then go to Mataram Mall to have a look around. From here, we head just north of the town to stop at a craft centre to browse a huge variety of locally handcrafted goods and Lombok cultured pearls

    • Land Cruise Tour

      Land Cruise Tour

      Rp. 700.000 2 pers.
      Every extra pers. up to 6 pers. Rp. 125.000

      This fantastic tour takes in the majesty of the mountains as we traverse Lombok from west to east and around the top to return. Out to the east, we visit Pringgasela, a village famous for its skilled ‘back-strap loom’ weavers producing ‘tenunan’ - ‘ikat’ and‘songket’ textiles. We continue our journey by climbing high into the mountains to the cool village of Sapit to take in the breathtaking views of the south and east. Following the steep road northwards, we pass through the eastern borders of Rinjani National Park up to the historic village of Sembalun, on the shoulder of Mt Rinjani. This is the ‘vegetable basket’ of Lombok, set in a pretty valley of patchwork fields, coffee and cacao trees, chilli and strawberry plantations  and orchids, all surrounded by soaring mountains. We drive on to Senaru, where we stop to see Sendang Gile Waterfall plummeting down the slopes of Mt Rinjani. On our return, along the amazing coastal road running down the west coast, we take a break at Nipah and Malimbuviewpoints to enjoy stunning sunset views of Bali and the ‘Gilis’ over the Lombok Strait.

    • West Coast Beaches

      West Coast Beaches

      Rp. 700.000 2 pers.
      Every extra pers. up to 6 pers. Rp. 125.000

      Enjoy a leisurely day visiting and snorkelling the most beautiful beaches on the north-west coastline of Lombok. Our outward journey takes us via hilly ‘Pusuk’ pass through stunning jungle, with a stop in the Monkey Forest before descending to Pemenang, where we join the amazing coastal road. As we continue south from here, we can enjoy incredible views of Bali, the three ‘Gili’s and sparkling azure waters in the coconut palm fringed bays. We visit some of the most picturesque beaches, Nipah, Malimbu and Mangsit for relaxing strolls, swimming and great snorkelling on the beautiful coral reefs which protect these shores.  

    • Tetebatu Ricefields Walks

      Tetebatu Ricefields Walks

      Rp. 1.000.000 2 pers.
      Every extra pers. up to 6 pers. Rp. 275.000

      Tetebatu is a lovely mountain village, 700m above sea level on the south slopes of Mount Rinjani, in East Lombok. It boasts breathtaking views of beautiful, rural scenery; friendly, welcoming villagers and its fresh, cooler climate is refreshing. When we arrive in Tetebatu, we head out on a rice-field walk with a local guide to see gorgeous rice paddies, tobacco fields and to explore the small neighbouring villages and find out about the daily life of the indigenous Sasak mountain people. By arrangement, we can continue along other great trails which lead us up to the stunning Jeruk Manis Waterfalls. After our walk, we return to Wisma Soejono for a delicious lunch. In the afternoon we travel to the colourful fruit and pineapple market of Masbagik and then visit Pringgasela village to see how the fabulous ‘tenun’ cloth, which the village is famous for, is woven.

    • The 3 Gili Islands

      The 3 Gili Islands

      Rp. 2.000.000 2 pers.
      Every extra pers. up to 6 pers. Rp. 550.000

      No visit to Lombok would be complete without a trip to the three stunning coral islands – Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. They are some of Lombok’s most popular tourist attractions, with their crystal-clear azure waters, white sand beaches, laid back charm and terrific diving and snorkelling opportunities.
      Start this magical day driving through the Monkey Forest and hilly jungle scenery of Pusuk Pass to a small harbour village, Teluk Nare, where we transfer to a traditional outrigger boat for the short sea-crossing to Gili Trawangan. Spend some time swimming and lazing on the white, fine sand beaches and snorkel the fabulous reefs to see stunning underwater scenery - colourful corals teeming with tropical fish and some giant turtles. There is great a variety of restaurants here, offering something for everyone, and after lunch we can snorkel from the boat to explore other coral reefs nearer to Gili Meno and Gili Air.  On our return journey along the amazing coastal road, we will stop at the viewpoints from Nipah and Malimbu for magnificent views of Bali across the Lombok Strait.